The Team at Auspak are here to make the process of finding your new home loan as simple and straightforward as possible. We help by comparing home loans, explaining your options, and assisting with the overall process, plus negotiating rates on your behalf.

An appointment with us is free. Your first appointment is all about your broker learning about your situation, your goals, and using their experience to help you out.

So why don’t we charge you a fee? Well, your Auspak home loans lending specialist will get paid a commission by the lender when you receive your home loan. All lenders generally pay the same commission rate so there is no bias to any one particular lender.

Your first meeting with Auspak Home Loans

One of our lending specialists will get to know more about your situation, goals, and the final result you’re looking for. We’ll work together with a series of steps that are designed just as carefully so we can meet all expectations without any surprises!

  • Understand your lifestyle and financial goals.
  • Calculate your borrowing power and how you can afford to repay
  • Compare hundreds of home loan deals to find the right one for you
  • Clearly explain the fees, costs, and conditions associated with home loans
  • Answer any questions you have about home loans and moving house
  • You will walk out of the meeting with a personalized report which reveals your home loan options

Depending on your situation, you may also discuss a few more things like; potential loan options, the First Home Loan Deposit scheme, associated costs with buying, and Lender’s Mortgage Insurance. To ensure you get the right home loan information.

After our meeting — if and when ready- your specialist will walk through each lending option and complete all paperwork on your behalf. Keeping the process stress free and easy.

How long will it take to get a home loan?

The loan process is different for everyone. Auspak offers a variety of options to make it easier on you and your lender, so they can get back in touch with their deadline sooner than expected!

What are the steps in the home loan application process?

Once your application has been lodged, your broker will be there to field any queries from the lender and answer any questions you might have.

They’ll do their best to make the whole process — from application to settlement — as smooth as possible. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  1. Conditional approval: your selected lender will review your application and usually organise an independent property valuation. They’ll let your broker know their decision, who will then let you know if your application is approved.
  2. Unconditional approval: you’ll get a letter from the lender confirming your loan’s approval.
  3. Contract preparation: the lender’s legal representative will work with your legal representative to prepare the loan contract.
  4. Signing the contract: your legal representative should explain the details of the contract with you before you put pen to paper. Once the contract is signed, your legal rep should forward it to the lender.
  5. Settlement: when everyone is happy with the documents, the funds are transferred according to your instructions. Settlement is when the transfer is complete.

What happens after settlement?

Your lender will send you a letter confirming your loan details, repayment amount and repayment dates.

Auspak will continue to undertake reviews on your loan portfolio and make sure your lender is continually offering you the best rate and product.

How do you get started with Auspak?

The easiest way to get started is by booking an appointment. Our lending specialists can assist with you in person and they’re also available for phone calls, video chats or emails!