About our company and history.

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Auspak Home Loans

Auspak Home Loans is a boutique finance office, specialising in property lending. With over 24 years experience in finance and an extensive knowledge of the Australian mortgage market, Auspak Home Loans will assist you in finding the right loan product for your needs. Whether it be residential or commercial property, we have the know-how and expertise to ensure all aspects are considered before recommending any particular lender or product.

Auspak Home Loans is family owned and operated. We are not owned by a bank – which is more common in the industry than you might think. Being privately owned means we are not affected by any conflicts of interest when we provide loan recommendations.

The team at Auspak Home Loans is committed to providing clients with honest, straightforward advice ensuring they feel confident in their decision making processes – whether it’s through refinancing your existing loan, purchasing a property or exploring investment opportunities.

The team at Auspak Home Loans will work with you to understand your financial needs and goals, determine loan affordability, locate options to suit each individual situation, explain how each loan works and keeping in mind the great Australian dream of owning your own home.

We focus on providing quality service with an aim to provide the best possible advice, with realistic solutions that suit each clients’ financial needs and goals. Thorn Holdings Pty Limited proudly offers specialised property lending and financial services.

Where it all began.

In 1998, Crag Thorn co-founded Auspak Financial Services, with a strong focus of always having clients’ best interest at heart, by providing lending solutions and advice to make a positive difference to help people better their financial position. As one of Australia’s first Mortgage Brokers, Auspak took on the big banks and revolutionised the Australian mortgage market.

Auspak Financial services then progressed to one of Australia’s largest mortgage broking companies with over 30 franchises across Australia. In 2008, Craig sold Auspak Financial Services Pty Limited to a public company after it grew from a small business to a major player in the Australian lending market. The next year, Craig then founded Auspak Home Loans which specialised in mortgages that would suit individual or family needs.

Auspak Home Loans Team

The Auspak Home Loans Team now consists of the Thorn Family with support staff, with each specialising in different areas of the business and playing a unique role within the business.

Local Mortgage Brokers Bondi
Blake Thorn – Lending Specialist
Local Mortgage Brokers Bondi
Reece Thorn – Lending Specialist
Local Mortgage Brokers Bondi
Craig Thorn – Founder